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Win a Shirt!

Check out our schedule of Social Media Challenges for your chance at winning a STEM Camp T-Shirt & to be entered in our Grand Prize (TBA) drawing!


Read the prompt for the week here and respond on Twitter or Facebook by Quoting the tweet using our hashtag #STEMCampEDU.


We are encouraging you to post pictures, videos, and anything else that helps make your post stand out!


Winners will be announced on Friday afternoon!


Week of April

How does your classroom space promote creative thinking and collaboration? Snap a photo! 


Week of April

If you've done coding in your classroom, what are some of the benefits you've noticed your students do better because of it?


Week of April

Where do you see the importance of hands-on learning in a tech-rich world? How do you incorporate this in your classroom?


Week of April

Print out the flyer and hang it in your school; take a picture of it and post on Twitter!

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