LEGO or VEX? That is the Question.

Can I be a Roboteer?

Absolutely! Robotics is a learned skill that can quickly be attained through creativity, trial and error, and the right product. YouTube videos, tutorials, and working with others (especially the STEM Camp EDU team) will grow your robot skills toolbox while having fun in the process.

How does robotics fit into my classroom?

Robotics gives students a hands-on visible approach for coding and programming. Using drag and drop programming software packa

ges, students can quickly build a code and watch it in action. Integrating science and mathematics principles to create fun challenges for students allows them to apply their knowledge in a robotics atmosphere.

Students have the ability to bring their creativity and code to life while completing these challenges.

Lego or VEX?

Lego and VEX are 2 of the main educational robotics companies. Each offers affordable build kits and programming software. Check out the gallery below for comparisons:

Author’s Final Thoughts and Recommendation:

Choosing the right platform really depends on the purpose behind it and the timeframe you have to implement it. Both can easily be used in classroom curriculum, as after-school clubs, or as competition teams.

Lego is easy to build following the various build manuals, which can be downloaded from their website, and gets students programming faster. Using the color-coded drag and drop programming blocks, students need to learn what the parameter numbers are and what they do for the robot and they are on their way. The sensors that are included are quick and easy to use and help to show how robots can interact with the environment around them.

VEX IQ is more of a builders playground. Only limited by your creativity and the size of the pieces, students can create a basic claw bot (following the build manual) or build whatever they can imagine. The included “Driver Controlled” program allows them to quickly see their robot in action and help the students to make decisions on game strategy. Once comfortable, students can also program an autonomous program and watch as their robot completes the tasks all by itself.

You truly can’t go wrong with either of these robotics platforms. Determine what the end result is that you want your students to learn and be able to do, go from there. If you have any concerns or issues contact the companies directly because they have wonderful customer service. Or reach out to STEM Camp EDU lead learners. We are happy to help!

Want to learn more and purchase your robot? Check out our Coding & Robotics page!

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