Ozobot 101: Getting Familiar

What are Ozobots?

Ozobots are tiny robots that unlike most robots rely strictly on light sensors to get their data rather than Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi. Because of this, Ozobots will work on any device as their coding platform is web-based. This is why, at STEM Camp EDU, we love working with Ozobots and always suggest them to our elementary teachers who are looking to do more coding in their classroom. Let’s look how you can get starting with these in your elementary classroom.

Why Ozobots?

Whenever an elementary educator asks me what robot they should get for the classroom, I immediately reply with Ozobots for many reasons. I’ll outline the main reasons here:

  1. It is Device-Agnostic. Have a BYOD policy? No problem. Ozobots don’t require apps and will work on practically every internet-capable device. This includes Amazon Fires, Kindles, iPads, Chromebooks, Macbooks, Samsung Notes, iPhones/iPods, Desktop/Laptop computers, and more.

  2. You Don’t Need a Device. What? You can code a robot without a single device? That’s true. You can code an Ozobot with just markers and a paper. But before you think that this is just for younger students, check out some of our challenging tracks on our site.

  3. You Don’t Need to be 1:1 with Robots. Because they aren’t controlling the robots rather just loading the already written code in their robot, you can be successful in your classroom with only 6-8 robots (a 4:1 ratio works just fine).

  4. The Battery Life is Awesome. I have 12 of these robots and teach science to five different classes throughout the day. I rarely have to charge these because the majority of the time the Ozobot is off and just waiting for the code to be loaded in.

  5. The Price. This all sounds amazing, so these things must be expensive. False. These robots run from anywhere to $30-$50 (depending on sales). What a great deal!

Which Ozobot is right for me?

You basically have two choices to choose from: The Bit 2.0 or the EVO. I will highlight the differences quick and help make your decision a little bit easier.

The EVO definitely has some really cool features over the Bit 2.0, but personally I love the fact that my students don’t ever drive the robots (like Spheros) because it conserves the battery life. The 7 LED Lights are also very cool, but not entirely necessary for you to get your students coding.