The Monoprice Mini V2 vs. Maker Select

Can I 3D Print?

Yes! 3D printing and 3D design is a learned skill, however, it is one that can be easily accomplished with the proper practice, Youtube, patience, and the right product. The STEM Camp EDU team are a group of self-taught printers. We learn together, offer each other advice, find good articles to read and Youtube videos to watch.

How does 3D printing fit my classroom?

3D printing will grasp the attention and engagement of your students instantly. It can easily be incorporated into all curriculums. Students have the ability to bring content to life with printing real objects. Stay tuned for our future posts to learn Tinkercad, Slicer Programs, and inquiry based project examples!

Why Monoprice?

Monoprice has resonated as our top choice for educators getting started with 3D printing. They are reliable, easy to start, offer great customer service, and are incredibly affordable. Look at our top two recommendations from Monoprice below.

Click on the chart above to get a printable version.

Author’s Final Thoughts and Recommendation:

The larger printer is more tempting to purchase. I own both printers and will always recommend the Mini as the first printer anyone should buy. It is much easier to start printing with, and easier to maintain. The Maker Select took me a while to really solidify and produce high quality prints.

Additionally, those looking to build a school program, more printers is better than bigger printers. It offers more opportunities for students to print, more projects can be completed, and if one printer goes down, you have more back-ups.

In the end, you will be very happy with both printers. If you have any concerns or issues, contact Monoprice directly for great customer service.

In a future post, learn how my students used my first Monoprice Mini printer awarded in a grant to start an elementary school business and bought the Maker Select for higher capacity production of school spirit keychains.


Simple, we purchase HATCHBOX. They are the highest quality product we have found that ranges from $20 - $30 on Amazon. If you want to start ordering tax free through your school purchase orders, contact us for a direct contact at HATCHBOX. They will offer wholesale pricing for educators!

Slicer Settings:

Cura profiles are linked here (Maker Select | Mini) to download. Upload them directly into your program. The only necessary changes would be extruder temperature, plate temperature, and infill.