March 5, 2018

Can I be a Roboteer?

Absolutely! Robotics is a learned skill that can quickly be attained through creativity, trial and error, and the right product. YouTube videos, tutorials, and working with others (especially the STEM Camp EDU team) will grow your robot skills toolbox while having fun in the process.

How does robotics fit into my classroom?

Robotics gives students a hands-on visible approach for coding and programming. Using drag and drop programming software packages, students can quickly buil...

February 28, 2018

In this brief video, we will show you how you can use Google Sheets to create quick and easy Ozobot Tracks. You can now challenge your students to come up with best and most challenging tracks using these simple steps. Below the video is links to our templates. Please make a copy and use them how you wish. Also, share any tracks you create with us on Twitter @STEMCampEDU.

 Click Here to go to our template

Don't have Ozobots yet? What are you waiting for? Buy them here.

February 28, 2018

The world of drones can be very intimidating. Learning to fly them, worrying about crashing or losing them, etc. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a breakdown of my favorite drones, why they are favorites, and what they can offer you and your students.

Without a doubt and in my opinion, the best drone you can buy for your money is just about anything in the Parrot Mini Drone family. They offer many different models. Choosing can be tough. Generation 1 is a strong, stable drone but as they r...

February 24, 2018

What are Ozobots?

Ozobots are tiny robots that unlike most robots rely strictly on light sensors to get their data rather than Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi. Because of this, Ozobots will work on any device as their coding platform is web-based. This is why, at STEM Camp EDU, we love working with Ozobots and always suggest them to our elementary teachers who are looking to do more coding in their classroom. Let’s look how you can get starting with these in your elementary classroom.

Why Ozobots?


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